About Mindful Manila

Mindful Manila is your online community for mindful living in Metro Manila.


It was created by one woman’s desperate need for more mindfulness in her life and work while living in one of the world’s largest and densest megacities, and by the twin realization that perhaps readers like you would need a space like this, too.

A mindful reminder from Mindful Manila's Instagram and Facebook pages
A mindful reminder from Mindful Manila’s Instagram and Facebook pages


The post, “Mindful Manila: An oxymoron and an opportunity”, says:

As a community, it aims to be a venue for like-minded urbanites (or passers-by) to stop by, breathe deeply, and be reminded to be still and be present to just this momentIt will be a space for anyone to take the baby steps to live life a little bit more mindfully, even just for now. (Because now is the only thing we have, anyway). It is a no-judgement zone, where you don’t have to be a yogi, or vegan, or anythingto be invited to be mindful. Come as you are–you are most welcome here. (But please leave hateful speech and intolerance out the door.)

As an online resource, it aims to share articles, think pieces, features, reviews, recommendations, tips, and life hacks to add even just a little bit more mindfulness into our daily lives. Yes, there will be articles on meditation, healthy eating and living, conscious consumption, and “green” topics… but we’ll also talk about tech, work, fashion, money, relationships, leadership, world affairs, and pretty much anything else that we can connect to mindfulness. (You’ll be surprised.)
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This community currently has the following online channels:
  • A Facebook page: For fresh content on anything mindfulness
  • A YouTube channel: For livestreamed and replay versions of our #MindfulMonday Live Chat series
  • An Instagram account: For insta-doses of inspiration
  • A Twitter account: Because… why not? 😉
  • This website
  • COMING SOON: A Spotify channel
  • And more events and collaborations to come!
  • It is currently a tiny operation, but we welcome friends, fellow Metro Manilans, and kindred spirits from all over the world to share their feedback, contribute posts and photos, and make this a dynamic community for urbanites who want to practice more mindful living.

    To learn more, please visit:

    Thank you for stopping by! We hope to see you as part of this community.

    Live mindfully 🙂